May Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Parents of Grade 2 B

Time passes fast. The end of this academic year is getting approaching.
I would like to further to complete the kokugo curriculum steadily.

Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter.
Please enjoy reading it. 
                      Ms. Hayashi

 This month Grade 2 students studied words of the similar meanings and words of the opposite meanings.
Then they read a story “Watashi wa oneesan”. They enjoyed the song appeard in the story and thinking about the feelings of an elder sister. Also we enjoyed reading poems “ Tenohira o taiyouni” from their textbook. There is a well known song of that poem, we sang that song lively. The next topic was “Yousu o arawasu kotoba”. They learned about onomatopoeia and mimetic words. It is one of the Japanese characteristics. At the topic “Mitakoto Kanjitakoto”, they enjoyed reading poems from their textbook and thinking poems frankly. We have a short time for practice kanji every class. They worked hard to practice kanji, try to get the h…

Term 3 Week 5 Update

This week in ICT we have been making our own communities. We chose a map and we added facilities the residents would need. We also set a tax price and got taxes from the residents. When we ran out of money we had to restart. One interesting thing we could do was create natural disasters. For example floods, earthquakes, wild fires and more.

In inquiry we have been writing about the jobs we have done in school. We first chose a job, then did the job and later this week we will present them to the class. For example being a librarian or teaching the Year 1 students.

In math some of us have been using our fractions knowledge to answer word problems. We had to read the question carefully, look for the key words and numbers and write equations to solve the problem. For example we used division and multiplication.

For Japanese some of us have been learning about families. We learned to name the members, Kanji and describe their likes and interests. We then posted our reflection on Seesaw. I…

Term 3 Week 4 Update

For music we began preparing for the showcase at the end of the year. We plan to learn three songs and just started learning two. The songs are about keeping the environment safe. For example one is called "A Bad Situation" the other is called "Protect Our Rainforests".

In inquiry we are learning about communities and ways we can help in our school. We thought of ways to help and chose a job to do around the school. For example helping the ELC students or school nurse.

In PSPE we have been learning about basketball. We learnt the skills needed to play basketball. For example passing different ways, shooting and dribbling.

For math we have learning about fractions. Fractions are parts of a whole and link to division and multiplication. We have been shading shapes and finding fractions of a set. We also learnt some new vocabulary. For example half, third, quarter, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth.

In language arts we are getting better at inferring and …

April Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Parents of Grade 2 B
We started term 3 at new school building excitedly! Fortunately we have a Japanese classroom again.  Every students are so happy!! I appreciate your continuedunderstanding and cooperation. And now, we have a Golden Week! I hope everyone will have a nice break. (JNL students have a kanji practice as usual homework.)
Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter.  Please enjoy reading it.                                      Ms. Hayashi

 Continued from last term, the Grade 2 students made a story at the topic of “Ohanashi no sakusha ni narou”. They wrote their story thinking each scene. Their story was funny for example, a bug go to school for the first time or a bug visit grandma’s house to celebrate birthday or a bug got angry because the tree stared at him. It was fun to think about own story! They also enjoyed drawing illustrations for their story and reading them each other. Every student made a great effort to finish this work and their work looks pretty good. They alre…

Term 3 Week 2 Update

For inquiry we have been learning about places in a community and how they meet our needs. As part of this learning we went to Kidzania. Kidzania is a mini city where children get to act like adults. They do jobs and get paid. At Kidzania you learn about money, how to be responsible, skills, safety and possible jobs for the future. The kidzania currency is kidzos. You earn 8 kidzos when you do jobs and you can spend these at the Kidzania store. We were in teams and did around 4 or 5 jobs.

We worked on a radio station called J-wave and got to make a CD. We worked as police officer and investigated a crime, where someone had stolen an autograph. We worked in an ice cream shop and made different flavoured ice cream. We were veterinarians, we helped a sick cat by doing life saving operation. We worked in a publishing company and made our own manga comics. We worked in an aeroplane as cabin attendants, we gave food to the passengers and made announcements and safety instructions.

In math …

Term 3 Week 1 Update

This week was awesome! It was our first week in the new campus and it was really fun. We started our week with a team challenge. We learnt more about collaboration. For the challenge we needed to get in teams and move a hula hoop around the team as fast as we could.

The library is good. It has a lot of space and new furniture. We can make choices about where we sit. You can sit on wooden chairs, soft bean bags, cushions and other comfortable seats.

For PSPE we have been doing gymnastics. We learnt to do many rolls. For example front rolls and back rolls.

For language arts we started learning about poetry. We learnt how to write Haikus and about syllables. We also created a funny poem about Mr. Soong:

Mr. Soong is smart By working hard on the bus He is a teacher
In Inquiry we are learning about being a great community. We drew pictures of a community and described what made it happy. We think a happy community has people that collaborate, respect each other, respect different cultures,…

March Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Parents of Grade 2 Gray

Thanks to your cooperation, we finished Term 2 today.
Students took the Kokugo file home.Please check it and praise your children’s effort.  And next term please be sure to bring that Kokugo file to school again.

The Grade 2 Gray JNL students have Japanese homework during spring break. (practice kanji, katakana and journal) . Please check it with your child.
I hope everyone will have a nice spring break. 
I am looking forward to seeing the students at new school campus on April !!
Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter. Please enjoy reading it.                                                                             Ms. Hayashi

 The Grade 2 students learned “Kanji no yomikata”. They practiced reading the kanji correctly that has different meanings.
 And then they read “Shikake card no tsukurikata” and understood the explanation of how to make something. And then they made a toy: Kendama (Cup and ball) which appeared in the textbook. They enjoyd playing with it …