Term 2 Week 2 Update

This week we had an exciting trip. For inquiry we went to Yokohama Art museum. At the museum we saw a variety of art. For example sculpture, drawings, paintings and more. We have also been analysing art and thinking about the elements that an artwork shows.

Our drawing is getting better, we have been drawing faces to show different emotions with facial expressions.

In maths we are continuing to solve multiplication problems using different strategies. We are looking forward to learning doing more practice and using what we have learnt to solve division problems.

For PSPE we did exercise with weights. we did it 20 times in each hand. We also learnt how to do push ups and sit ups the correct way.

In I.C.T learnt about programming. we did some real life activities, where we had to give instructions to each other. We also learnt about bullying and cyber bulling. We learnt the acronym S.T.O.P to help us remember what to do:

S - stop using the computer until it is safe.
T- tell an adult you…

Term 2 Week 1 Update

It is our first week back we looked at our essential agreement and decided which terms were most important. We changed some of our ground rules and added new ideas. We also got new jobs to help keep our class clean, happy and safe. We did a team challenge to practice working together, we had to use teamwork to make the longest paper path. Then measured it to find the winning team.

In inquiry we started a new unit called "How we express ourselves - Creative Causes". We plan to learn about creativity and expression. We started by sharing what we knew about art and questions we had. We also learnt some key vocabulary and started learning about the elements of art - line, colour, texture, space, shape, form and value.

We have been writing about our winter holiday. We have been using the writing process to write our recounts. We had to plan, draft, edit, revise and recraft then share our writing in a little book.

In math we have been learning about multiplication we learnt a vari…

December Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Grade 2 Gray Parents,

Today is the last day of the first term.
And it's already the end of this year.
I hope you will have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

*During the winter break, students have Japanese homework.
Please check it with your child.

Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter.
Please enjoy reading it.
                                                                                Ms. Hayashi

 The Grade 2 students learned how to write a composition about what they want to inform at the topic “Konnamonomitsuketayo”. Also they learned Japanese punctuation and quotation mark. 
They practiced writing them in the sentences correctly.
 And next topic was “Ureshiikotoba”. They thought about the words that are glad to be said.They said 「いいよ」「だいじょうぶ」「いっしょにあそぼう」「がんばったね」and so on. I hope that I can continue to hear those nice words in their conversations.
 The last story of this term was “Mili no sutekinaboushi”. They enjoyed reading this mysterious story and imagi…

Term 1 Week 16 Update

This week is the last week of Term 1. Today in Japanese we are going to play a game called Karuta. To play somebody reads a sentence and you need look through multiple picture cards and match the picture to the sentence. Some of us a practicing Kanji and others are practicing Hiragana.

In inquiry we created cards to show important beliefs and practices in our culture. We drew pictures and presented what we knew about our culture to the class. We also used a venn diagram to compare ourselves to others.

We think it has been an exciting term. We have done many activities and fun projects and learnt a lot about others and the world we live in.

Term 1 Week 15 Update

This week in PSPE we prepared for our Ice Skating trip. We practiced falling safely, we practiced falling backwards and forwards. We went ice skating on Wednesday and tried to remember what we had learnt in PSPE about falling. Some of us were courageous, we fell over a lot but didn't give up even though it was challenging. Some of us were very confident and skated like professionals around the rink.

In maths we have been learning to translate shapes. To translate a shape you have to slide it. We have also been learning about coordinates and marking points on a grid. We can tell what the y-axis and what the x-axis is.

Some of us have finished our inquiry games. We were so excited when we finished because we got to play them with our friends. It was enjoyable and fun.

This coming Saturday we have our Winter Showcase. We will be singing, dancing and some us will be presenting. We have been practicing for months to get better and ready for the show.

Term 1 Week 14 Update

This we in inquiry we started to make our games. People chose different games to make - card games, matching games and board games. Our games show what we have learnt and researched about a culture. If you play the games you will learn about the cultural practices and beliefs the game presents.

In PSPE we have been playing soccer and learning how to kick balls, dribble and pass correctly. We have also learnt how to turn when someone is in front of us. It has been fun learning all the skills needed for soccer.

Later today we have visitors from our Sendai Campus. They are coming to learn about what we do in our class. We hope we can learn a lot about Sendai and the children that visit too!

Numeracy Week Photo Competition

It's Numeracy week! We invite you to participate in the the Math Eyes photo competition. Math Eyes is a photo competition that aims to create awareness for mathematics in our daily lives. Anyone from the Horizon family can participate in this competition.

Participants will take a photo that somehow includes math inside the image. Then, using technology, they will add a short explanation or an intriguing mathematical question to the photo. Look around your world with math eyes, and capture what you see with a photo!

The categories for this competition are: Primary Secondary Teachers and Parents

Please submit your photo using this form before November 27.

One participant from each category will win a Gift Card. We will display the best photos from the competition at school.